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Sapphorica Creations

Sapphorica Creations- Dragon Ball Art Card

Sapphorica Creations- Dragon Ball Art Card

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If you are looking to balance your karma, heal and help others, Dragon Ball is the gift for you or those you wish to send good wishes for growth, luck and development. 

Together, with the phoenix, the dragon symbolizes the perfect balance. As the dragon (Yang) and phoenix (Yin) unite, their union is representative of good luck, success, love and enlightenment. 

Our Linocut Art Cards are hand-cut and printed then reproduced locally on premium quality, eco-friendly papers as an Art Card print.

Sapphorica Creations Art Cards and products are proudly made in British Columbia, Canada through partnerships with local artisans and craft persons for our printing and woodworking projects.

All Artwork and Design Copyright Sapphorica Creations.

    • Hand-cut and printed Linocut, Dragon Ball Art Card reproduced from original artwork
    • Card size 4.25″ x 5.5″
    • Premium quality, eco-friendly paper
    • Blank inside for easy writing
    • Envelope and envelope seals included
    • Locally and sustainably printed by local artisans
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