Sapphorica Creations Owners and Creatives Kellee and Gemma Roque Sapphorica Creations Artist Gemma Roque Hand-Illustrated Art Cards Sapphorica Creations Art Cards Circle Craft Show BoothSapphorica Creations Artist Gemma Roque drawing Hand-Crafted Art Cards

Rising from the worlds of both art and design, intertwined while also unique, two artists bring their craft to light through expressions on handcrafted art cards.

Sapphorica Creations provides two unique artistic perspectives towards our Art Card offerings. With themes, styles and aesthetics for all occasions, let our works of art re-inspire your sentiment of card giving.

Gemma, our fine art and design enthusiast, brings a detailed and methodical approach to her work.

 Kellee, our linocut aficionado, is inspired by medieval and gothic wood cuts which is demonstrated in her artistic expressions.

 Together, our woman-centric business provides a vast variety of styles, influences and inspirations to the world of Art Cards.


Sapphorica Creations- Artist Statements/ Bio


Kellee Roque is an expressionist Artist drawn to texture, shadow, and asymmetry.

Earlier works consisted of pop art inspired acrylic paintings with hints of Warhol which metamorphosed into Linocut printmaking, reminiscent of medieval woodcuts, as her primary medium as of late.

Themes of historic architecture, places of heritage and influences of vintage Art and Design from a bygone era are pronounced in her works.


Gemma Roque is a trained Artist in the worlds of both Fine Art and Graphic Design.

Drawn to Art Nouveau and vintage Graphic Art forms and influenced by Artists such as Da Vinci and Giger, her style is precise yet adventurous, clean, yet dark.

From earlier works in pencil, charcoal, and acrylic to more recent expressions in illustrated design, ink and watercolor, Gemma is flexible with mediums while maintaining a pronounced Artistic voice and style.

Currently, Gemma and her life and business partner, Kellee, own Sapphorica Creations in Surrey British Columbia where they create hand-crafted and sustainable unique artistic expressions for their women-centric Canadian Art Card business.